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We source only the best produce from award winning producers


Ornua Foods sources and selects only the best quality cheese and butter. Our dedicated cheese experts work closely with our producers to match exactly what our customers and consumers require. We ensure that only the highest quality dairy products are used.


This is exemplified with one of our long term suppliers, Parkham Farm in Devon. The Willes family have been a supplier to Adams for over 20 years and in that time we have worked with them to develop new recipes and change with the times culminating recently in a cheese making facility upgrade which is now the newest in the UK. We believe in supply partnerships allowing us to provide a solution from farm to fork.


Kerrygold is owned by the farmers who produce the milk that is the key ingredient in all our products. The cooperative is founded on the values of honesty, social responsibility and care for others. The member farmers work for the sustainable development of their farms and local community and take an active role in the cooperative’s business. To learn more about the Kerrygold farmers visit the Kerrygold website.