Our Brands


We believe when you put good things in, you get good things out.  Kerrygold works in harmony with Mother Nature by combining the idyllic Irish pastures with small herds of happy cows.  Creating a better tasting butter with the Kerrygold quality and standard that we all love.


The Kerrygold story is a simple one. We work with small co-operative farms where small herds are free to graze on lush Irish meadows.

It means Kerrygold cows are healthy and happy, free to roam outside.

It’s these cows, and countless generations of dairy knowhow, that makes our butter taste so good. We always know where all of our milk comes from, which is why we promise to only produce the most delicious, golden dairy, pure and simple.


Our Kerrygold Range consists of: Salted Block, Unsalted Block and Softer Tub


To find out more about our Kerrygold story, visit our website www.kerrygold.co.uk or check out our Facebook page for regular updates www.facebook.com/KerrygoldUK