Our Brands


When it was established in 1922, the Adams brand had a one product portfolio which consisted solely of butter.


Since then the Adams brand has grown and now incorporates a number of cheese products including block, grated and sliced.


The cheese comes in a number of formats and strengths to suit a number of catering needs and dining occasions.


Adams Butter


Established in 1922 by Frederick Adams, our butter has been providing customers with quality and value for nearly a century. Adams wholesale dairies were pioneers in the butter industry, offering the first pre-packed butter in the country. Today, Adams Butter is still recognised for its consistent quality and taste.



Adams Block Cheese


Adams cheese is renowned for its consistently high quality and rounded flavour. Ideal for dicing, grating, blending into a sauce or simply slicing for use on a cheeseboard, we have strengths to suit your full range of catering needs.



Adams Grated Cheese


Our graders select cheese which is then carefully grated and packed to ensure maximum freshness and quality. Adams grated cheese is available in a variety of sizes and is designed to offer you a time saving solution for your everyday requirements. Our range is available in different cheese types and strengths, designed to offer versatility in the kitchen. Excellent for any toppings, sauces, wraps or sandwiches.


Adams Sliced Cheese


Adams sliced cheese selection offers you a variety of cheese options, from standard mild and mature to a more contemporary range of continental cheeses. Our portion controlled packs are designed to offer you ease of use, minimum wastage and complete control of your portion costs.