About Us

Vision & Values

Our Vision


Earlier this year, the Ornua Group launched it's 2021 Vision:


'To be a leading global dairy organisation, rewarding our customers, consumers and stakeholders'


This Group Vision is supported by the more detailed Vision of each subsidiary, and at Ornua Foods our vision is:


  • The category leader and preferred supplier to UK Grocery


  • A beacon of best practice for ways of working, innovative thinking and behaviour


  • The region’s preferred employer


  • Europe’s most efficient cheese packing facility

Whilst the Vision and Company objectives will direct us in what we need to do to be successful, we need to achieve our goals in a way we can be proud of and in line with the Ornua culture and Values. It is our Vales that will support us and describe the culture we wan to work within.



Our Values


Our vision is delivered through values which are intrinsic to everything we do:


  • with heart; building relationships, valuing our differences and working as one proud and passionate team.


  • with thought; striving for a consistent level of excellence in everything we do through planning, rigour and clear communications.


  • with vision; looking to the future, staying flexible, anticipating and embracing change by finding new ways of doing things.


  • with drive; when something needs to be done, for each other or our customers, we own it, solve it and deliver it.