About Us

Environment & Social Responsibility

Making a Difference in Our Communities


Ornua Foods is acutely aware of the impact companies have on the environment around us. 


This awareness is best demonstrated in our cheese packing facilities where we not only reduce our energy use, but we constantly monitor to ensure we are as efficient as possible.


Our new £30million cheese packing facility in Leek is designed to be the most efficient and environmentally friendly in Europe.


Measures which we have taken to ensure this include:


  • Sun Pipes used to replace over 90 electrical light fittings;
  • Passive infra red (PIR) lighting control means other lights are only used when needed;
  • Photovoltaic cells;
  • Zonal and sub-metering;
  • Free cooling replaces the need for expensive Air Conditioning;
  • Inverter driven motors on pumps;
  • CHP plant reduces CO2 emissions.


As a key employer in the Leek areas, we support our local communities through many initiatives.